Family Businesses


Experience with Multi-Generation Businesses

ED&H CPAs understands the intricacies of family run businesses. Strong relationships may lead to a delay in decisions or compromises that other companies might not have to make. Our team presents solutions and helps you navigate through the unique emotional challenges that are synonymous with family run businesses.

Services Include:

  • Family Meeting Facilitation
  • Goal Setting and Evaluation
  • Audit, Review and Financial Statement Compilation
  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation
  • Outsourced Accounting
  • Family Wealth Planning and Gifting
  • Succession Planning

Clarity and Expectations

Family run businesses need an outside source to provide direction and support the family members. ED&H CPAs prides ourselves on being that perfect solution. We help set goals for individuals, monitor performance and ensure all family members involved in management have the appropriate goals to achieve the company’s overall planned objectives.

Other Issues Often Confronting Family Businesses

  • Which family member should be put in charge?
  • Who will manage the financial aspects of the operation?
  • How is each family member compensated?
  • How is company stock allocated to family members?

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