Our Offers

Profit Assessment Report (PAR)

At ED&H CPAs, we offer a unique Profit Assessment Report (PAR) that looks at the key financial metrics for your business and asks questions about various aspects of the business. The financial metrics allow us to look at trends and benchmark your performance against peer businesses. Our PAR allows us to ask some challenging questions and introduce new ideas for you to consider.

Tax Diagnostic

No… it has nothing to do with your health or your car’s engine light. Our Tax Diagnostic is a review of your last two to three years of tax returns. We identify whether tax deductions, credits or incentives were missed and make an executive overview for errors or potential omissions. If your accountant did a great job, we may not find any material savings or errors. However, in many instances, we do find errors and missed tax benefits, which can lead to cash refunds or credits.генератор купить бубатарейки аккумуляторыпогода февраль киев